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Exclusive Packages for Umrah 1435/2014

Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers so that they can focus and enjoy the Umrah rituals. We hope to serve you and deserve your duaa’.

We have tailored many packages to suit your needs. Our Umrah packages consist of two categories:

    1. Group Packages (Air & Land Packages)[Airfare INCLUDED in package]

    2. Individual Packages (Land-only Packages) [Airfare NOT INCLUDED in package]

We do not sell Umrah visas only. We sell complete Umrah Packages.

Umrah Group Packages

Experience Umrah through the exceptional services from Adam Travel. While we take care of your administrative needs, you can concentrate on your Umrah and spiritual fulfillment. Our various Umrah tour packages are designed to fit your schedule and budget. Should you need our assistance on any aspect of the Umrah tour packages, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

December Holy Land Package
Monthly Umrah Packages

Umrah Individual Packages

Adam Travel is honored to offer Umrah 2014 packages throughout the year. These Umrah 2014 packages feature VIP Packages (5-stars), Deluxe Packages 4(-stars), Economy Packages (3-stars) and Ramadan Packages. The Umrah 2014 package prices listed below are. The price of Airline tickets will be based on the name of airline, the time of travelling (high, medium or Low season). Once we receive your Umrah 2014 application, we can give you a quote on our airline tickets.

Umrah VIP Packages
Umrah Deluxe Packages
Umrah Economy Packages
Umrah Ramadan Packages

    All Umrah Packages are based on 3 nights in Makkah and 2 nights in Madinah.


The following documents MUST be filled and submitted:

  The Following Other Documents Are Required To Apply For Umrah Visa:

  • 1. Valid Australian passport for at least six months with 4 empty pages.
  • 2. Four passport size photos (white background).
  • 3. Permanent residence at least for 2 years if not having Australian passport.
  • 4. Original Certificate of Vaccination for meningitis and seasons flu.
  • 5. Certificate of Introduction Word Document.
  • 6. A copy of Marriage Certificate for husband & wife must be notarised by police.
  • 7. Any supporting documents required by the Saudi Embassy must be notarised by police.
  • 8. Females of any age travelling with a Mahram must have proof of relation.
  • 9. Any accompanying child who is applying for Umrah visa must provide a copy of their Birth Certificate notarised by the police.
  • 10. Return ticket to and from Saudi Arabia issued by Adam Travel and paid by the client.
  • 11. Hotel booking confirmation issued by Adam Travel (included in the package).
  • 12. Transportation booking confirmation issued by Adam Travel (included in the package).

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